Under this tab, Aphids 2, and Aphids 3 are the genera of aphids I’ve written about here on AphidTrek. Each genus page opens with an introduction of some type, then all the species I cover follow on the same page.  As I build this website, I am starting with only the species of which I have decent photographs.  As things progress, I hope to add interesting information about other species, accumulate photos of more species, and perhaps even contribute some drawings.  You’ll see that I focus my collection on Aphidinae at the expense of various groups that feed mostly on roots or trees.  The reasons for this are that the tree-feeding groups are well-known and need relatively little original work, and that the root-feeding groups are a bugger to collect and almost impossible to identify.  Bottom line is that I have chosen to focus on Aphidinae as a group in which I can make substantial strides in taxonomy and ecology in my lifetime, and I am happy with that.